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Track your progress

Track Progress
easy to use dashboard view of the swimmer's records per event over time presented in either table or graphical view
Goal Setting
Set goals for your swimmer encourages them to stay focused and driven to improve
Compare your event personal bests against other swimmers, and measure yourself against some of the top swimmers in New Zealand

Feature Highlights

mytogs ranking

provide ranking based on their results from each meet, users can specify the time range, stroke, age, gender and distance to see how they are ranked amongst other competitive swimmers

Individual PBs

Click into each swimmer to view each swimmers current PB.

Set your goals

Set your target qualifying time and we will work out the target splits and notify you when you achieve those times!.

Push Notification

Receive app notification on new results from meets, both official and unofficial results

View Personal Best

With a simple toggle to view personal best in each event includes short course and long course conversion.

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