Our story

As a Dad to a young competitive swimmer we’ve long found it very difficult to keep up with all his results and updates..
Earlier in Feb 2021, I sat down with my friend and discuss the idea to create an mobile app that notifies users when their swimmer has new results, view and track historical results per event over time in a dashboard fashion, and set qualifying goals for each of their events.

After numerous late nights and support from the coaches and the parents from United Swimming club and our partner from Swimming NZ, we finally launched the mytogs app in June 2021. This has been a passion project for me, though not a swimmer myself I have always enjoyed watching the trainings and the meets from pool side,.

Competitive swimming relies heavily on our community and volunteers and as such we felt the app should be made free for the community as a way for us to give back.

So If you or your kid(s) swims competitively then this app is designed for you!

- Sam